becoming a catalyst for hope

“Hope is the inner substance to end all suffering; hope is the inner substance needed in the journey of mental health wellness. The goal of our coalition is to serve as a catalyst in providing hope to those in our area who need it.”

Dr. K. A. Shakoor


What you'll find here.

On this site, you’ll find resourcesnews, and an events calendar to help you learn about what’s available here in North Central Florida to help you with any mental health challenges that you are facing. The goal of everything here is to help you learn about how to transform your approach to mental health, and all of the people and groups that are ready to help.

What We Do

— We Organize

We work with local partners of mental health services and resources and bring them together for members of our community.

— We Collaborate

We work with local health health organizations, government organizations, and non-profits to create useful mental health products and services for our community.

— We Promote

We work with our local partners to promote their programs, services, and upcoming events to our community and those in our community would would benefit from them.

CHECK OUT our upcoming events!

One of the coalitions goals is to serve as a clearinghouse for events related to mental health resources in our community. As part of that commitment, we have created a calendar of local events and activities specifically related to mental health, like the upcoming event featured in the picture at right.

We also hold regular general meetings to discuss upcoming events and issues relevant to the mental health community, and these meetings are open to the community.

You find many more community events relevant to mental health by clicking on the button below.

Back to School Jam 2023

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